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A Unique Perspective

This series endeavors to introduce images that highlight the Asian experience. A visual conversation introducing a culture that one might not be acquainted with invites a dialogue with the viewer.

Anti-Asian bias attacks have taken a more violent turn since COVID. Acknowledging this reality, it is critical that we embrace what the members of the local Asian-American community and their allies are calling for: people to educate themselves and end the hate.

Having been a child therapist, I would advocate beginning with our children. Familiarity with diverse cultures produces a foundation of trust and connection. An integrated preschool environment that invites positive interaction creates the foundation for a healthy acceptance of similarities and differences.


As adults, a similar path needs to be encouraged. Art has the capacity to inform by developing media that offers exposure to a variety of backgrounds. As people learn to embrace others with varied orientations and ethnicities, lives will be enriched through a greater understanding of each other.

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