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Mara Zaslove is a fine art photographer who thrives on creating visual conversations that embrace the diversity of the human spirit, the universality of aging and the beauty of the natural world.

She received a BA from the University of California, Berkeley and later, a Teaching Credential at U.C.L.A.  After completing her MA in Counseling and Guidance from California State, Northridge, she became a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.

Her background as a therapist informs her photographic work and brings a heightened sensitivity to how she perceives the world. It also assisted her in developing coursework to teach photography to typical and special needs children at a variety of institutions. Mara has acted as a volunteer photographer for the Inner-City Arts program as well as the Donna Sternberg Dance Company.  She also served as the Staff Photographer for Diavolo, an internationally renowned dance company based in Los Angeles.

Her photographs have been exhibited in juried group shows both nationally and internationally in such venues as Los Angeles Center for Photography, Gallery 825 (LAAA), Photo LA, Griffin Museum and the SC Center for Photography. She has had multiple images posted on and has received numerous awards including Honorable Mention and Finalist in several categories of the 11th-20th Annual Julia Margaret Cameron Awards.  She has been published in F-Stop Magazine and Shadow and Light Magazine on many occasions. A grouping of her images taken of the performance ‘Mending’ by the Donna Sternberg Dance Company were published in the L.A. Dance Chronicle. Several of her images have been included in the book titled California Love – A Visual Mixtape curated by Michael Rababy. Her interview about her journey as a photographer was recently published in Voyage LA. 


Mara lives with her adorable rescue dog, Sasha in sunny Santa Monica, CA.


My photographs are entries to my soul, connecting the intangible to the tangible through light, time, and memory.  Using natural light to capture what I feel in my heart and see with my eyes, taking photographs has become as essential to me as breathing air, and in some ways, has evolved into my sixth sense.

Growing up with a father who was a fine artist, I was surrounded by his work and sensibilities. His influence made a profound imprint on me, and I often find myself mirroring his visual style. I innately respond to form, patterns, shapes, and composition and find that this early exposure permeates my sense of balance and style.

As my photography has progressed, I strive to create visual conversations.  I have been drawn to capture human stories set in their natural environments. Either candid or anticipated, I seek to convey a uniqueness particular to everyone and invite the viewer to explore their own life's path.



  • 2016 Documented the creation and the development of (photographed over a period of several months/rehearsals) “49 Women Who Count” by Donna Sternberg and Doni Silver Simons performed at the Arena 1 Gallery located at the Santa Monica Airport Studios.

  • 2014-2016 Moderator for artists' critique groups through L.A.A.A., 2 years running.

  • 2016-Guest Curator judging the theme entitled “Comic Relief” for the L.A. Photo Curator photo competition.

  • 2015-Artist in Residence: Teaching photography to teens at Virginia Park, Santa Monica, CA.

  • 2010-2014 Staff Photographer for Diavolo: An Internationally Renowned Dance Company based at the Downtown Brewery, Los Angeles, CA.

  • 2011-2014 Involved as a photographer volunteer for the Inner City Arts program in Downtown, Los Angeles.

  • 2012 Photography Teacher for children in after school program for Elementary School Students at Beethoven Elementary in Los Angeles, CA.

  • 2010 Photography Teacher for children at KidznMotion, Santa Monica, CA.


  • My first self published book “Don't Send Me No Rocking Chair” will be introduced at the “FRESH” exhibition at LACP 2017.

  • My work was selected by the curators of “Color It Red 2017” to be featured in the Showcase Portfolio section of the March/April 2017 issue of Shadow & Light Magazine (

  • “My Story” about Inge Rekenye was published in “Our Ever Changing World: Through the Eyes of Artists” Best of 2016 Art & Story, California. Book 6: Coordinated by Karrie Ross

  • Lenscratch posted photo for Earth Day, Mother's Day, L.A. March Protest.

  • CA Open 2016 Exhibition Catalogue

  • 2010 Prescott College publication, “Alligator Juniper,” Arizona.

  • 2009 Tatoo Highway Issue 16.

  • 2009 Shutterbug Magazine, Featured in “Picture This! A River Runs Through It”.

  • 2007 Shutterbug Magazine, Featured in “Lazy Days of Summer”.

  • 2006 Coastal Living Competition, 1st Runner Up.


  • Artist member of LACP 2017.

  • Artist member of JAI, Los Angeles, since 2016.

  • 2009 Artist Member of Los Angeles Artist's Association, Gallery 825.

  • Artist member of Women in Photography International (WIPI).

  • Artist Member of APA, Los Angeles, 2016

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