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Aging Gracefully

Recently, I have been fortunate to become friends with a woman, a senior, who is lithe and has a zest for life. She has a dark tan contrasted with white hair and her creped skin appears taut and defined. She is comfortable within her body and herself and embraces each day with an adventurous spirit.


How I would love to be like her when I am 95!

In our youth-oriented society, someone like her, those older/elderly, are often dismissed and treated as if they were invisible. As much as the environment is in the political forefront, aging and all that embodies this “closer to the end of life” transition is not a hot topic. It seems critical that we start valuing the older generation and issues that confront them and heighten our awareness and embrace this population as a critical resource. This is especially poignant since the ‘baby boomer generation’ is moving towards this chapter in masse.

Fear of the unknown often distances one’s desire to learn. My friendship with this woman has whetted my appetite about the aging process and the opportunities that accompany it. Becoming familiar with someone else’s life story enhances one’s appreciation of the passage of time since it encourages reflection of your own continuing journey.

This “free spirit” is documented by my imagery. I look forward to sharing many more years of friendship with her, and I hope to mirror her attitude both physically and mentally, as she and I travel down this inevitable path of aging.

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