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Awe and Wonder: DS Dancers

I have been privileged to document multiple choreographies performed by Donna Sternberg and Dancers/DDS.  “Ms. Sternberg has professionally premiered over 90 works since 1975 throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Mexico: frequently collaborating with artists of other disciplines including composers, visual artists, poets, actors, and digital media as well as scientists. The company has resided in Santa Monica under the tutelage of Donna Sternberg since 1985.”

The performance that I am highlighting on my website is AWE &WONDER, the premiere having taken place in 2019.  Conceived by Donna Sternberg, Awe and Wonder is a performance connecting scientists with choreographers. “One scientist is paired with one choreographer, dialoging about the scientist’s field of study, which then becomes the starting point for the choreographer. The resulting dance is informed by science in some way rather than a literal demonstration of the science.”

I took these candid images at both the dress rehearsal and the performance itself. The azure blue dress worn by this lithe dancer captivated me.  The choreography highlighted her fluidity while interfacing with other performers who were hidden under the fullness of her costume. Having been a dancer myself, I am often able to anticipate the movement of the performers.  My passion for both photography and dance allows me to doubly enjoy capturing the unique choreography that Donna Sternberg creates.

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