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Mix and Match

I’ve included this project as a representation of some of my non-traditional work.  Having previously been a weaver, I really enjoy novel concepts that allow me to work with my hands. Multiple techniques were utilized to create these images.  The finished product was shown in a group show as an installation.

Representing a variety of cultures is also a part of my focus. Whether it be shooting on the street, attending multicultural festivals, or inviting others to collaborate with me, I enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life.

My ideas often just ‘come to me’, not necessarily from a reference to something that I have seen. Primarily self-taught, I trust my innate instinct to guide me in how I personally interpret the environment around me. This orientation also challenges me to honor 'brainstorms' that suddenly jump into my head. Just as a painter starts with their palette and then continues to add to the canvas before them, I toy with my photos by combining them with other methods of interpretation. This always leads me down a challenging path, with the development and outcome of the work a delight to behold.

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