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A New Life

Basically, my wish is for happy, healthy, strong and safe children. It's what most mothers around the world want for their children too. 

That you are kind and compassionate. That you treat others as you would like to be treated-- and if people aren't nice to you, remember that's on them, not you. 

I dream that my kids will feel deeply loved

I dream they will enjoy life

I hope they serve others

I hope they never stop learning

I dream they will be happy. 


I created this mobile that combined images that I had just taken of my daughter's friend who is expecting her first child. First, I printed the photos that she chose and then reprinted an image of a lily on the back. I anchored the prints with a stick and put a hook to connect the image to the mat so that it would twirl. I lashed the sticks together and added yarn and other ornamental items. I then attached each photo to each mat so that it would move freely. I had the new mother write down her wishes and dreams for her new born and I wrote them on the bottom of each mat. The movement of the mobile mirrors the constant changes that she will witness in her child. 

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