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Vignettes of an Emotional Seclusion

"Vignettes of an Emotional Seclusion" is an endeavor to metaphorically reflect the myriad of feelings that people are experiencing during this heightened time of quarantine. Coupled with womb-like water, the facial and physical expressions highlight the intensity of this internal and personal journey.

In an attempt to stave off exposure to the Coronavirus, forced isolation has played on the sanity of many. This spectrum of emotion runs the gambit from fear, depression, disbelief, frustration, resistance, anger and sometimes, acceptance. The world has been turned on its head, never to be the same.

If there is a silver lining, for some, being confronted by these psychological challenges might bring about a transformation of sorts. Developing new tools to grapple with a future of unknowns could prove very beneficial with regards to adaptability in confronting future challenges.

Since this is a communal experience on a grand scale, crossing all boundaries and sparing no one, insight and empathy could be offshoots of one’s introspection. By embracing the process of self-examination, the outcome might well be an experience of personal growth and perhaps, a stronger sense of self.

The hope would be that this process also raises social consciousness to be more in tune with each other and supportive of the critical needs of our society.

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